Design-It Day: The ABCs of RLCs in Power Distribution

Design-It Day happened already, but you can still access what you missed

On Thursday, September 30, 2021, YAGEO Group hosted Design-It Day: The ABCs of RLCs in Power Distribution,  a one-day virtual event where engineers can learn and share basic/beginner knowledge, or "ABCs," of passive components (RLCs) for high and low power distribution.

If you missed Design-It Day, register now to access:

  • On-demand presentations covering high and low power distribution with YAGEO Group application engineers and product experts
  • On-demand demo on K-SIMKEMET's simulation parameter tool
  • Bonus technical resources (product guides, white papers, technical articles,  webinars, etc.) to supplement your learning

Those interested in the basics of RLCs in power distribution (application engineers, design engineers, engineer managers, etc.) are welcome!

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Where is Design-It Day held?

Design-It Day is all online! Register with the form on this page to get access to all Design-It Day content.

How do I watch the on-demand sessions in the virtual event space?

Each on-demand session has a "Watch Now" button next to it. Click on the button to view each recording hosted on YouTube.

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Who do I contact for technical support and general questions/comments?

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