Autonomous cars don't get tired, real drivers do...

KEMET is driving into the future, now.

With up to 2,000 hours of robust and stable performance at temperatures of 125°C, KEMET is ahead of the curve in autonomous driving with the T598 automotive grade polymer electrolytic capacitors. Our products are expected to be on the road longer, traveling along side you into the future of autonomous vehicles.






KEMET expanded the temperature capability of T598 Series, a first-to-market Tantalum Polymer Surface Mount Capacitors. These capacitors uniquely address the stringent requirements and new challenges presented by megatrend applications in automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving and in digitalization uses such as supercomputing, mobility services, connectivity and infotainment. T598 automotive grade polymer electrolytic devices combine multiple high-performance characteristics including high capacitance / voltage (CV) ratings, single digit equivalent series resistance (ESR), class-leading ripple performance, and ultra-extended life to truly enable the development and deployment of exciting and revolutionary technologies.

AEC-200 qualified T598 devices have excellent volumetric efficiency, which in tandem with high capacitance values now up to 470uF, voltage offerings of 2.5 VDC – 50 VDC and new single digit ESR, mean single components can be used where current solutions dictate that multiple devices must be used. Therefore, KEMET’s new devices can help designers achieve vital board real estate and cost savings.

Robust and stable performance to 2,000 hours at temperatures to 125°C - equating to an ultra-extended mission profile of around 15 years - aligns with the requirements for vehicle applications ranging from ADAS features such as blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control and emergency brake assist, to safety systems including airbag occupant detection and alarm systems and electronic stability control.

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