T502 MnO2 230°C High Temperature Series

The T502 Series is a high temperature product that offers optimum performance characteristics in applications with operating temperatures up to 230°C. This series is classified as moisture sensitivity level (MSL) 1 under J STD 020: unlimited floor life time at ≤ 30°C / 85% RH.

Due to the potential use of high melting point solders, KEMET has taken the initiative to package this series in moisture barrier bags with desiccant and a humidity
indicator card.

The T502 Series is available today in capacitances of up to 10 microfarads and rated voltage up to 35 volts. Typical applications include decoupling and filtering for very high temperature environments such as measurement-while-drilling (MWD) in down-hole applications.

For information about ESR and capacitance performance across rated temperature and voltage, models are available in KEMET’s K-SIM at ksim.kemet.com.

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