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The Sparkgap PodcastRecently James Lewis sat down with Karl and Corey on the The Sparkgap Podcast to discuss capacitor questions.  We covered the 4 main types with some background on how they work.  Including, the differences in voltage coefficients with ceramics, their DC bias, and what happens when you downsize them.  The organic polymer for the cathode of aluminum and tantalum was also introduced.  

Below are a collection of links to help go deeper in to the topics we discussed.

If you have questions about what we covered, feel free to contact James with the form below.


KEMET Institute of Technology (KIT)

Seminar covering the design and characteristics of different types of capacitors and their applications in circuits.  This is a technical seminar and contains very little "marketing fluff."  It is intended for engineers or technical minded attendees.

If you're interested in attending a "KEMET Institute of Technology (KIT)" visit this page to join the mailing list for your region of the world:  http://www.kemet.com/kit.



KEMET's capacitor simulation tool provides performance information for Ceramic and Tantalum capacitors when given an application voltage and temperature.  You can access the web version at webspice.kemet.com or a Windows binary at here.


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