Meet Rajesh George

“I love music and my whole family is part of the church choir. I am involved in community work through my church.” Residing in Bangalore, Karnataka, in the midst of the IT Capital of India, Rajesh George serves as Country Manager – India and Sri Lanka and Global Account Manager for NOKIA. The Indian subcontinent is a growing market for KEMET, and Rajesh is leading the way. Rajesh just celebrated his 13th anniversary with KEMET! His time at KEMET has featured personal growth and was beneficial to the company.

“Starting as a one man army in Jan 2006, today we are a team of 8 charged-up individuals with 3 offices in India.” During his tenure, Rajesh has racked up awards and recognitions, most notably three Club of Excellence awards! KEMET India is experiencing continual growth, uncovering opportunities for new business in space and in the streets. "We designed in KO COTS in payload of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) satellite for the first time in FY17 and executed the first order for $120K prior to QPL listing. This was a classic example of team effort by KEMET and the distribution teams as ISRO does not use non-QPL parts in satellites!”

“Another design win for all KEMET BU parts including the MSABG was with Ather Energy. Ather Energy is a company based out of Bangalore, India and the first to indigenously develop the electric bike in India. We have designed in parts close to $20 in a bike which I would consider a remarkable achievement and great team work by the KEMET!” 2018 was a record year for KEMET India, with financial wins and supplier recognition as well. “We crossed the highest ever Sales Turnover for KEMET India in FY18, $ 12.6M! Additionally, KEMET was awarded Supplier of the Year 2018 by our distributor Elektronika for continuous support on deliveries ensuring end customer satisfaction.” That was a global One KEMET moment.

Rajesh sees KEMET as a company with ethics, offering high quality products. “We’re an excellent team of individuals being provided with great flexibility and freedom of expression. It is privilege to work for KEMET! In the next 100 years, I am sure that KEMET will continue to reach greater heights, expanding product offerings to become the global leader in passive electronic components.” It’s important to Rajesh that the company “not only offers great returns to share holders, but also contributes to human welfare.”