The World Leader in C0G Dielectric Technology

KEMET's industry-leading C0G dielectric now features the world’s first 250V rated 0402 case size capacitors offering with values up to 330 picofarads (pF). In addition, capacitance offerings in EIA 0603 through 2220 case size devices have been extended by over 30%.

KEMET C0G dielectric capacitors are utilized in a wide variety of applications including decoupling, bypass, filtering, blocking, circuits requiring low loss, circuits with pulse, high current, transient voltage suppression and energy storage.

The unique material used in these C0G devices eliminates piezoelectric noise, offers extremely low ESR and ESL, high thermal stability and no capacitance decay with time. Available in both commercial and automotive grades, KEMET C0G capacitors feature a variety of termination finish options including matte tin, tin-lead, and gold.